ABMGeo Talk

Dra. Gabriella Fazio

Observatório Nacional (ON/MCTI)
Associação Brasileira de Mulheres nas Geociências (ABMGeo)

Women in Geosciences: Celebrating Contributions and Promoting Inclusion

This lecture celebrates the remarkable contributions of women in geosciences, with a special focus on their invaluable roles in the fields of geomagnetism and paleomagnetism. Beyond acknowledging these contributions, we shift our focus to the Brazilian initiatives aimed at strengthening the unity and presence of female professionals within corporate, academic, and governmental realms. To this end, I will introduce you to the Brazilian Association of Women in Geosciences (ABMGeo), a dedicated organization committed to cultivating a more equitable collective consciousness and championing diversity, especially within the geoscience profession. Within the context of LatinMAG, I will also share the insights derived from the ‘Welcoming and Inclusion’ survey. These findings shed light on participant profiles, encompassing diverse aspects of diversity such as race, gender, age, disability, parenthood, and more. By exploring these narratives, we strive to foster an inclusive and vibrant geoscientific community.


About Gabriella Fazio

Dr. Fazio is a geologist holding a Ph.D. in applied geosciences and geodynamics (Universidade de Brasília), with a primary focus on comprehending sedimentary rock formation and its correlation with paleoclimate, particularly in the context of geomagnetism. During her Ph.D. research, she explored the iron formation genesis, aiming to contribute to the validation and improved understanding of the potential of these Precambrian rocks for paleomagnetic studies. To achieve this, she employed both rheological research and cyclostratrigraphic analyses. Currently, Dr. Fazio is a post-doctoral researcher at Nationsal Observatory (ON/MCTI), where she is engaged in the study of cyclostratigraphy in the Campos and Santos basins, which holds significant implications for the oil and gas industry.