The LatinMag Biennial Meeting is a conference for geoscientists that covers a wide range of magnetic studies on geomaterials. At this meeting, we explore methods for extracting paleomagnetic and paleoenvironmental evidence through magnetic analysis and gain information about the history of how our planet and the solar system have evolved. This will be a great opportunity to stay updated on the latest scientific advances in:


Geomagnetism and Geophysical Methods

Rock Magnetism


Magneto- and Cyclostratigraphy

Environmental Magnetism

Magnetic Fabric (magnetic anisotropy)

Instrumentation in Paleo/Geomagnetism


The LatinMag meeting provides a friendly environment for discussion and encourages the development of personal and institutional connections. The conference will take place at the National Observatory (ON/MCTI) in sunny Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The ON/MCTI is a pioneer national institute dedicated to research in geomagnetism, with a tradition of over a hundred years. During the six-day meeting, lectures, as well as oral and poster presentations, will be given during thematic sessions, promoting lively discussions among the scientific community.

As usual, workshops and short courses will be offered, and a one-day field trip will be organized during the conference to visit some of the best-exposed outcrops in the state of Rio de Janeiro.

Moreover, outstanding research contributions to geomagnetic science will be acknowledged with eminent medals and awards. Although the main focus of this meeting is related to Latin American research issues, colleagues working on similar international matters are welcome to participate.

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Historical, aims and previous meetings 

The Latin American Association of Paleomagnetism and Geomagnetism (LATINMAG) aims to encourage and diversify paleomagnetic studies, rock magnetism, and related areas in Latin America. It is a non-profit international association of scientists with members from various Latin American institutions. Membership is open to individuals professionally engaged in or associated with geomagnetism and related studies.


1st LatinMag Biennial Meeting (2009) – Margarita Island, Venezuela. Chairpersons: Milagrosa Aldana and Vincenzo Costanzo 

2nd LatinMag Biennial Meeting (2011) – Universidad Nacional del Centro de La Provincia de Buenos Aires, Tandil, Argentina. Chairperson: Claudia Gogorza and Ana Maria Sinito. Number of participants: 110

3rd LatinMag Biennial Meeting (2013) – Universidad de la República, Montevideo, Uruguay. Chairperson: Leda Sánchez Bettucci. Number of participants: 96

4th LatinMag Biennial Meeting (2015) – Universidade de São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil. Chairperson: Ricardo Trindade. Number of participants: 87

5th LatinMag Biennial Meeting (2017) – Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, Queretaro, Mexico. Chairpersons: Roberto Stanley Molina Garza. Number of participants: 81

6th LatinMag Biennial Meeting (2019) – Universidad de O’Higgins, Rancagua, Chile (remote meeting). Chairperson: Fernando Poblete. Number of participants: 72


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